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Are you our Mummy?

This isn’t as crisp as I’d like it to be but, on returning from viewing the shots taken so far, I found devastation at the paws of a cat.. 

Cute dino pieces are from Trias.




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It took a while for Artoo to realise why the spot he had chosen to hibernate in was so uncomfortable.

Those mini-eggs have been in the fridge for months waiting for me to take up this blog again.
That’s a long time for fat girl to ignore chocolate. Dedication, bitches, I have it.



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Well it’s been a while.. Due to several factors, continuing the idea of an Artoo 365 just became impossible. I could attempt to pick it up again but think it’s more feasible to aim for quality (ahem) over quantity.

Artoo WILL be making a comeback in 2012 (get your cakes and banners ready) but in a less frequent format; hopefully at least once a week. I already have some ideas brewing thanks, in part, to some awesome Christmas pressies.

Until now Artoo has been predominately updated on the Facebook page I Am the Droid You Are Looking For. Now that I’ve completed the back-log of posts on this blog, this is where the action will happen – I’ll still link from Facebook, of course, and continue to post additional Artoo-related content so please do ‘like’ the page.

So, Happy New Year – thanks for all the feedback and giggles so far!



Life Day..

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Wishing you very Happy Holidays!
with love from iamthedroid

Inspired by the god-awful Holiday Special (I like to share the pain) and the less-awful ‘Chewbacca sings Silent Night’ currently doing the rounds. This was the video-card we sent to family and friends this year. If you can bear with it until the end, Artoo does make an appearance..


Here Comes the Droid

In Wedding! on 05/11/2011 by Artoo

One of the reasons I haven’t been updating is that I’ve been busy getting married! Of course, Artoo had to feature in the day (he’s my ‘something blue’ after all) and here he is lovingly lashed to my bouquet (wonderful origami flowers provided by our friend, Mark).

See you all in the New Year.



Day 74 – Nesting

In 365 Photos on 11/09/2011 by Artoo

Artoo gets a taste of the British winter and decides to hibernate for a while.

Looks comfy. Our cats also love this thing.


Day 73 – Bargain Hunter

In 365 Photos on 10/09/2011 by Artoo

For only £5 Artoo managed to build himself a mighty tower.

This came about because we’d gone shopping for wedding stuff and returned pretty much only with these. Who needs clothes, anyway?