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Spring at Last

In Droidisms,Holidays on 21/03/2012 by Artoo

Without really knowing why, Artoo found himself enacting the age-old tradition of passing out on St Patrick’s Day only to wake an indeterminate amount of time later, surrounded by cress.

No? Just me then..

I was going to play out the whole adopted-father story and have the little ones reunited with their real parents; then I realised I couldn’t really be bothered. So, you can pretend that’s what happened, or, you can imagine that they all died horribly in the river and that Artoo has been drinking to forget ever since… :0)




In Droidisms,Holidays on 14/02/2012 by Artoo

Happy Valentine’s day from iamthedroid.

Thanks to my husband for the title.


Life Day..

In Holidays on 24/12/2011 by Artoo

Wishing you very Happy Holidays!
with love from iamthedroid

Inspired by the god-awful Holiday Special (I like to share the pain) and the less-awful ‘Chewbacca sings Silent Night’ currently doing the rounds. This was the video-card we sent to family and friends this year. If you can bear with it until the end, Artoo does make an appearance..