In Updates on 10/01/2012 by Artoo

Well it’s been a while.. Due to several factors, continuing the idea of an Artoo 365 just became impossible. I could attempt to pick it up again but think it’s more feasible to aim for quality (ahem) over quantity.

Artoo WILL be making a comeback in 2012 (get your cakes and banners ready) but in a less frequent format; hopefully at least once a week. I already have some ideas brewing thanks, in part, to some awesome Christmas pressies.

Until now Artoo has been predominately updated on the Facebook page I Am the Droid You Are Looking For. Now that I’ve completed the back-log of posts on this blog, this is where the action will happen – I’ll still link from Facebook, of course, and continue to post additional Artoo-related content so please do ‘like’ the page.

So, Happy New Year – thanks for all the feedback and giggles so far!



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