Day 32 – Feed the Droid

In 365 Photos on 20/07/2011 by Artoo

Despite what Threepio would say, Artoo had always considered himself to be well bred.

I wasn’t going to use this shot but as it turned out to be so controversial I felt it was necessary.

The bread had been chucked out on a bit of public grassland near some houses and a parking area. It also happens to be situated a little way away from a school. As I hung out, hoping a pigeon or two would return for my desired shot, a family passed on the other side of the road from me. Clearly my lurking was suspicious as, when I left some moments later to get to my appointment, the man from the group, purporting to ‘work for the council,’ chased me down asking if I ‘lived around here’ and if I knew that you couldn’t take photos ‘within 25m of a school’ (er.. ok). I was already bemusedly digging my camera out of my handbag to show him the single shot I had taken when he started babbling ‘I’m going to have to ask you to delete anything you’ve taken’ (oh, really?) I showed him this pic. He wanted to see any others I had.. I pointed to the picture count of 1, he blinked at it for a while before parting with ‘Well, don’t take anymore photos near schools…’


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