Day 1 – Crash Landing

In 365 Photos on 19/06/2011 by Artoo

Shaken from the crash, Artoo lifts himself carefully upright. He must have been offline for quite some time. There are no signs of life on the ship so he rolls himself outside. Beeping dejectedly, he scans the horizon: he’s not impressed. But, he gives himself a little shake and begins his journey across this unknown landscape, hoping to find his friends if only to give them a piece of his mind for leaving him behind.

So this is how it all started: a pile of junk dumped outside in the rain. After a quick poke into boxes we discovered a couple of Star Wars figures. Then I peered into the Rebel Transport Ship and saw R2D2 hidden away. We rescued the figures and the idea of an R2-themed 365 photo project was born. I had hugely enjoyed the brilliant Stormtroopers365 and, although I knew I couldn’t match the quality there, but I felt that it would be a fun project to share with some of my geekier family and friends so the Facebook Page I Am the Droid You Are Looking For was created. It was on the suggestion of one of my friends there that this blog exists.


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